This is my personal metal project, titled Hyperconvolutor. It’s a creative outburst about multiple things.

I wanted to compose metal that tells a story, but is vague enough to leave space for interpretation. The lyrics tell something REALLY personal, but it’s worded in a way I hope resonates with more people, so they can find their own meaning in this production.

Secondly, I wanted to create my version of metal (which is quite technical, aggressive and fast) but wrap it in a more approachable form. There’s a lot of focus on song structure, emphasis on vocals and productional tricks to make sure your attention is drawn to whatever the music wants you to focus on, instead of all instruments fighting for your attention at all times.

Big thanks to Rabin Miguel for mixing and mastering this record, Bob van Eisden and Rabin Miguel again for being the vocal duo that supports this, and Jerry Kamer for playing my ridiculous bass lines and adding some flair of his own. Proud to have finished this with you guys involved!

If you want to show support, you can definitely do so over at the bandcamp: https://hyperconvolutor.bandcamp.com/


All music written by Nathan Bonkerk. Lyrics are written by Nathan Bonkerk, Rabin Miguel, and Bob van Eisden.

Produced and mixed by Rabin Miguel. Mastering done by Rabin Miguel in collaboration with Boaz Hol & Jamie van Luijk.

Hyperconvolutor consists of:
Nathan Bonkerk (guitars)
Jerry Kamer (bass guitar)
Rabin Miguel (vocals)
Bob van Eisden (vocals)

Guest Artists:
Keuris Ensemble (string quartet on “Omniscience”)
Bob van der Ent (violin)
Vera van der Bie (violin)
Michiel Holtrop (viola)
Rebecca Smit (cello)
Henry Kelder (artistic leader)

Cover Artwork by Maxwell Aston.

Special thanks to:
Jeroen Mostert for helping with drum arrangements.
Echo Graphic for creating the logo and helping with graphic design matters.