Nathan Bonkerk
Game Audio Engineer & Composer


Hi! I’m Nathan Bonkerk, game audio enthusiast and composer. I love creating and enhancing game experiences through adding music, voice overs and sound design. Where possible, I also partake in game design to make sure my audio and the game are delicately intertwined.

When I picked up a guitar at the age of 13, my musical career began. Still seeing this as a hobby though, I decided to start a bachelor in computer science. It quickly came to me that just computer science wasn’t cutting it, and that I wanted to combine my two passions. This led me to the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, where I study Music Design for Games and Interaction. During my study I made music and audio for a multitude of student projects, indie games, and completed an internship under the supervision of Bart Delissen.

Right now I’m actively working on game projects and following the Master of Music: Pathway Music Design at the HKU in Utrecht.